Part 2:Moving to plot #36 on Kampala Road

In the early 1960s, Mr. Kasumba moved on to new premises on plot number 36 Kampala Road since the government wanted to blend in African businessmen on Kampala Road – the main street of the city. He shared a building with three other businessmen on this plot. Together, they formed Akaamu – which stood for togetherness in order represent their decision to purchase the building together. Mr. Eriabu Kasumba became one of the credible businessmen alongside with others such as:  Mr. Mukubira of Mukubira and Sons, Mr. Kayondo of Kayondo shoes shop and Mr. Matovu of Ani Yali Amanyi Stores. These men worked tirelessly to compete with the established Asians. In return, they all became successful businessmen and inspired other Africans to follow suit.