Kasumba Square has already attracted other businesses and services  in the area such as the ice plant industry, real estates and the new  market stalls in  nearby areas. Business is already more vibrant and booming due to the opening of Northern Bypass highway on the 1st October, 2009  linking the Mall to other parts of the country in Uganda.

Here are other reasons to choose Kasumba Square:

  • The Mall offers excellent suites, units and stores at affordable rents. 
  • Strategic position to all roads in the country.
  • Open for long hours so late evening shoppers and revelers can spend  night out to enjoying themselves
  • Internet WIFI service.
  • Vicinity of  guest house or motel that provide bed and breakfast accommodation.
  • For the tourists who want to experience the real African mall, it is the place to visit!
  • Friendly and good customer service allows the customer to feel comfortable as if they were at home. Kasumba Square is a real blend of the urban and rural lifestyle of Africa.
  • Unlike places in the City Center Kasumba square is away from the dust, pollution and congestion.
  • The Mall has secure parking lot and security on site.
  • The Mall has a stage and courtyard that is suitable  for wedding occasions, parties, meetings, exhibitions and shows mixed with flowers and trees which makes the environment to be more conducive
  • The Mall could be used as service station for long travelers to rest and use the most cleanest washrooms in Kampala at no cost.
  • The Mall has stores ranging from Restaurants, bars, African collections/design boutiques,community service offices, telephone,video stores and number of pool tables to keep our customers playing and happy.